Community Resources

Dateline:  August 2021  How to access food in McHenry County


Please refer to the list below for further assistance.

Crisis Hotline 1.800.892.8900

Take Back Drug Dropoff  Locations where expired medications can be dropped off.

People in Need Directory  Annual booklet with updated comprehensive list of available local resources.

People in Need Directory – Spanish

McHenry County Help Assistance  MCHELP App is a quick click to reach immediate crisis support and information via text or voice. Downloading the MCHELP App is simple via Google Play or Apple’s iTunes, or App Store.

Area Pharmacy Contact List  Find local pharmacy numbers.

Area Hospital & Immediate Care  Listing of local medical facilities.

School Immunizations Requirements  School health examination requirements.

How to apply for food stamps

How to apply for Medicaid in Illinois