Patient Stories

There are many great patient success stories to be told, but nothing would be possible without the help we receive from our donors, supporters, and volunteers. We truly appreciate these partnerships!
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Kelly - Crystal Lake

After her public aid was cutoff, Kelly came to the clinic because she was concerned about her high blood pressure. Jenny Winkler, our nurse practitioner, diagnosed Kelly with hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, and kidney problems. All of this came as a surprise to Kelly.

She is being treated for these conditions and shares her thoughts, “The clinic helps me with free samples of medicine, if it is available. And the entire staff is very respectful and courteous. The don’t judge me. The clinic is the only way I can get my medical care and prescriptions. I’m homeless and living in a hotel room in Crystal Lake, but I have a job and I hope I can continue to work and be a productive citizen.”

Ryan - Harvard

Both Ryan and his wife have preexisting conditions and were unable to afford insurance. In 2013, they were seeing a private physician who recommended that they come to the clinic. And when Ryan first arrived, his A1C level was at 10. Since, then he and the nurses have worked together closely to help him manage his A1Cs better. He’s learned how to live a healthier lifestyle and says the encouragement that he has gotten has been very helpful. Now his A1C is 6.7, and he no longer needs insulin.

“I have received good care over the years, and when I go to the clinic, I don’t worry about the cost The charges my wife and I pay at the clinic are reasonable and we are able to budget them well. This gives us peace of mind.”

Mary - McHenry County

When Mary lost her insurance coverage and couldn’t afford another plan, she came to the clinic, because she was very concerned about a developing lump on her finger. Dr. Lambruschi, one of the clinic’s referral specialists, scheduled surgery to remove the lump and sent the specimen for testing. At Mayo Clinic, the discovered the lump to be a cancerous growth.

“I had to have radiation treatments for 12 weeks. The clinic is a Godsend. No words can ever explain how grateful I am. I can never thank them enough for how hard they worked to find me help. Dr. Lambruschi will always be my saving angel, because he helped find the cancer and saved my life. I think of him and pray for him each day. May your wonderful clinic work always continue.”

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