Maria shares her story and her thanks.

Maria first came to the clinic in 2004 when it was located in Woodstock. She learned of the clinic when she told her friend she was not feeling well and did not know what to do for care. Though she works full time, Maria has not had insurance because the insurance offered at her job is not affordable after she all of her monthly bills. “I tried to make it work, but it was impossible to pay for insurance.”

“I have thought about what I would do without the clinic, and I have not been able to come up with one place that I could go. It is very important to have the clinic available for low income people.” Maria also shared much gratitude for those who support the clinic in any way. She has received treatments over the years and encourages others to follow her example if they do not have insurance. “I would like to tell women, in particular, to not be afraid to come to the clinic because they are unable to afford care. They need to not let fear keep them from getting care such as Paps and mammograms.”

–Maria A., Crystal Lake