Gail thanks you.

Gail became unexpectedly unemployed ten years ago. She has just lost her medical insurance at the same time she needed to see a physician. “I didn’t know where to find medical care at that time. I was so unsure and scared that I would have to go without care.” A short time later, Gail met a lady through the McHenry County Housing Authority who told her about the clinic and she made her first appointment in 2010.

Gail again found help at the clinic when she needed a physical and labs drawn in 2013. She had been working, but she was underemployed without insurance. She was in a long stretch of not getting responses from her job search and was very down about her situation. “Fortunately, I did not have ot worry about health care at the same time I was worrying about finding a better job. I was so relieved the clinic was still available.”

In 2016, Gail was in an unchanged situation but had been working a lot of extra hours at her job. She began to feel rundown and assumed that is was all the hours she was putting in. However, one day when she got up from a nap she found herself somewhat disoriented and discovered read areas on her leg. Gail decided to wait it out and see if the area cleared up. It did not. Unfortunately, her leg swelled a lot and she couldn’t walk properly. She went immediately to the emergency room. “I was in a terrible situation and I realized I would need some serious follow up care when I was discharged and I prayed that the clinic staff would be able to provide that care.”

Gail was treated at the clinic after her ER visit for an evaluation and management of her condition. Also, our Patient Navigator, Berenice Herrera, helped her apply for Medicaid. “The staff was so professional, helpful and they really took their time to make sure that I had the best care and that my needs were met.” Gail has Medicaid and, even though she is no longer a clinic patient, she tells people about the clinic and her experience. “I believe in the clinic and I tell people that it is not a weakness to be in need of help, that we all need each other. I am grateful you are all here for people like me.” (photo withheld)

— Gail B., Lake in the Hills, IL.