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Clinic Staff

Executive Director Suzanne Hoban
Clinical Manager Pat Montemurro
Front Office Manager Wendy Salinas
 Front Office Jocelyn Gonzalez
Interpreter Veronica Arellano
Patient Navigator Veronica Resendez
Nurses Julie Szum, Alma Toranzo, Darlene Pepke, Laurie Sabol, Carrie Maxwell, Stacey Werning, Sandy Lewandowski
Family Nurse Practitioners Martha Siomos, Elizabeth Rios, Jenny Winkler, Linnea Axman
Clinical Assistant Julie Franz
Patient Accounts Joan Sdregas
Pharmacy Program Omar Hernandez (Pharmacist), Anabel Arellano (Tech)
Director of Volunteers Kathy Rauch
Volunteer Nurses Sue Blosser, Betty Cleveland, Molly Hillig, Patty Murnik
Volunteer Interpreters Maria Castaneda, Juana Cruz, Pat Geiss, Maryanne Gervais, Veronica Hermosillo
Volunteer Extrordinares Peggy Grasley, Elizabeth Phelps
Wellness Coach  Karla Navarro-Vega
Manager of Development and Social Media Cathy Patenaude
Finance Manager Carrie Holtz
Events Director Liz Annetti
Volunteer Phlebotomist Melanie Sharratt

Members of the FHPC Board of Directors

Each serves 2-year terms, with 3 consecutive terms possible.  They are selected based on a demonstrated commitment to the Clinic’s mission and a desire to improve access to health care for all in the community.  Our board members represent varied interests and disciplines.

 Our current Board of Directors for Family Health Partnership Clinic has 15 members.  Each and every one of those members is fully involved and dedicated to the mission of the Clinic.  In addition to volunteering their time for raising awareness and funds each of them donates to the work that we do.  We are proud of your committed Board of Directors.

Ms. Tracy ZobottCardinal Healthcare

Ms. Judy Andronowitz Centegra Health System
Ms. Katie Anderson Anderson Candy Shop
Mr. Dick Ahrens Peet Frate Line
Ms. Melissa Cooney Zukowski, RogersFlood & McArdle Board President
Ms. Sally Fyfe-Stachniak Community Member
Dr. Clint Gabbard McHenry County College
Ms. Trina Greening JP Morgan Chase
Dr. Joseph Hagenbruch Community Member
Ms. Tina Hueppe Wolf Automation  Board Vice President
Ms. Linnea Kooistra Community Member
Mr. John Kretchmer Castle Bank
Ms. Cindy Meyer Mastercard  Board Treasurer
Dr. Jim Mowery Centegra Health System
Mr. Kevin Noonan American Community Bank & Trust
Mr. Mike Ploszek Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital
Ms. Kim Reed Medtronic
Ms. Beverly Thomas Community Member