Family Health Partnership and What it Means to You

Serving McHenry County, Illinois since 1996

Our Mission

The Family Health Partnership Clinic will improve the health status of the community and reduce the negative impact of poor access to care by providing a broad spectrum of services to the underserved with compassion and respect. We recognize that as a community, we are responsible for each other.

Our Vision

Over the next ten years, the Family Health Partnership Clinic will assure that the residents of the McHenry County area will enjoy the benefit of full access to high quality health care, regardless of the ability to pay. The Clinic operates on a sliding fee scale, although no patient is turned away due to inability to pay. At registration, patients will be asked to provide some proof of income. NOTE: Because all of the doctors and some of the nurses volunteer their time, hours when patients can be seen is limited. Appointments are necessary. Call the Clinic main phone number at 770.220.9300 to schedule an appointment.

Putting it in Perspective

The problems of the uninsured have only grown in the last few years.  When the Clinic began in April 1996, the University of Illinois School of Medicine indicated that there were an estimated 15,000 uninsured in the county.  The most recent census figures (2010) and the Heartland Alliance indicate that there are conservatively at least 34,500 uninsured in the county.  The vast majority of patients we see are working at least part time, but are unable to get coverage because their company doesn’t offer it or because they have pre-existing conditions.  UPDATE:  Even with the implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act there are still as estimated 20,000 people in McHenry County who are uninsured and underinsured. Our clinic is often the only place they can go.  To join a group of people and organizations that make all this possible, go to “Volunteering

Who We Serve

These is one of many patient stories we have from Family Health Partnership Clinic.  We could not help Susan if it were not for our donors, supporters, volunteers and friends of the clinic.  We greatly appreciate our partnership with each and every one of you.

Please meet Susan.

Susan is healthy because of your support!  Susan, from Cary, came to the Clinic in 2014 after she lost her job and her health insurance.  Her physician at the time was a volunteer at the Clinic, and she told Susan to make an appointment.  Susan needed her chronic disease monitored and her medications refilled.  Her need for insulin was her biggest concern.

She was seen by Martha, the Clinic’s FNP, who was able to sign her onto the Clinic’s medication assistance program.  She was accepted and began to receive her medications, including insulin, which is vital to her health.

In 2015, Susan came in with chest pain.  She had open heart surgery in 2008.  After a thorough exam, our staff referred her for additional cardiac tests. She was worried she would not be able to afford the test.  But to her surprise, the medical system that provided the tests worked with her financially, and she received her tests at no cost.

She says, “I don’t know where to start to thank everyone at the Clinic.  You all are a life-saver.  Everyone was absolutely wonderful and I was taken aback by how much assistance I received.  The only thing I feel sad about is having to say goodbye.”

Recently, Susan was approved for disability and will receive health insurance coverage going forward.