You have made our Saturday clinic successful.

We would like to give you a peek inside our Saturday clinic and thank you for supporting it!

Your support lets Melanie care for so many     (Melanie, volunteer)

The Saturday morning clinic is held three times a month and is an easier way for patients who work to pick up their medications. And at the Saturday clinics, Melanie is ready to help them!  She has been volunteering as a Phlebotomist for the past five years and remembers back, “I first heard about the Clinic through a very wonderful supporter, Dr. Nabil Ali.  He was kind enough to invite me to one of the Clinic fundraisers.  And once I saw what you all do for those less fortunate, I knew I wanted to be part of it!”  She went on to mention that it is wonderful that they can afford to come to the Clinic and have access to good health care just like she has.

With the support of so many donors like you, the Saturday morning clinic is available to many patients. In addition to dispensing medications to patients such as Martin, there is also an opportunity for patients to receive blood draws if necessary.  Martin was recently in to have his drawn as part of managing his diabetes.  Melanie and Martin smile wide when they see each other.  For over three years, he has been seeing Melanie.  Melanie says, “ I have been so fortunate to have learned a skill that really connects me to people like Martin.   I usually see people who are ill and it is a time when connection and compassion is so needed.”  As she rolls down Martin’s sleeve she asks him how he has been feeling and he eagerly tells her he feels well.  He shares with her that he is grateful that she volunteers and that the Clinic is here for him.

In addition to loving the patients, Melanie says she works with the most wonderful, caring and compassionate nurses she has ever encountered. “The treatment these patients receive makes me so proud to tell people about the Clinic and I am proud to be a part of it.  I have been enjoying my volunteering for about five years now, and I hope I’ll be able to continue for many years.”

With your on-going support and donations, Melanie will surely be able to continue to impact Martin’s life and others like him. Melanie will be able to see their health improve and the relief they experience once they are healed.  Thank you.