We are stronger #2 COVID-19

Dear Friends of the Clinic:

Well, we made it through the first week of new normal!!!! For the second time in a week, I have worn jeans to work, so you KNOW things are different!!!!

We have an amazing team who are doing incredible work. Pat, our Clinical Manager, is a freaking rock star. We are working with a reduced staff, so people will be rotating in and out. The rest of the staff are working from home as much as possible. Cheryl, our nurse practitioner, is working from home, calling patients and doing assessments over the phone. Our volunteers remain home and we think of all of them often!

We’ve changed our medication process. Anabel is doing curbside medication pickup. (I’m thinking of getting her roller skates like the 50’s drive in diners…).

We’re deferring any non necessary patients, and not taking any new patients at this time. We are exploring options for telemedicine, but for now, Cheryl’s phone calls to our patients are working well.

Also, if you are on FB, be sure to like and follow our FB page. We’ll be posting videos from time to time, and lots of information. Besides, do you REALLY want to just look at cat videos all day?

Many of you have asked what you can do to help the clinic – thank you for thinking of us. Our patients are the most vulnerable in times like this. Many are now out of work, and they need the clinic more than ever. We need to keep them out of the emergency rooms, and we need to keep them healthy. This is a long term situation, and when this is over, more people than ever will need our access to health care. We expect a significant surge because of the long term economic impact. We need you so we can keep our patients healthy today, and be ready for tomorrow.

Please visit our webpage and donate if you are in the position to do so. D
We have an ongoing ‘wish list’ on Amazon, so you can buy supplies and have them sent to us. http://a.co/3Zfk8Gx

Enjoy the sunshine from wherever you are, and think about what a great year this will be to plant a garden. (and if you have extra room, the clinic would love some vegetables for our patients).

Also, thank you for your ongoing support, encouragement and believing we are stronger together, because we ARE!


Suzanne & The Marvels

Family Health Partnership