Volunteers are Vital to our mission

We are blessed with many volunteers who are dedicated to helping the clinic run smoothly and efficiently every day.  There are numerous roles for volunteers to fill and we are thankful to those who step up and help.  Please meet some of our committed, awesome volunteers;

Welcome Gina Jayko to our FHPC team.  Though Gina has volunteered for several years with our Care4 Breast Cancer Race, she is now helping at the clinic on a weekly basis.  We look forward to seeing more of Gina!



Our dedicated Scanning Team is growing!  L to R:  Julie Farver, Cindy Kearns, Nancy Delware, Joan Bean, Marie Walters, Ann Wall, Pat Hammer and Jane Koehler

Not pictured:  Susan Guderley and Sherry Thurow

Women who make a difference at FHPC.  Ann Wall, Joan Bean, Pat Hammer, and Jane Koehler support our staff by weekly scanning patient records into our EMR system.  Ten women all together play a vital role in this process….and they all volunteer!  Thank you Scanning!