The Clinic relies on volunteers and community support. Your experience at FHPC means creating a perfect match, both for the clinic and you. We meet with you to discover your interests and talents. We then match you with our needs and introduce you to the staff and other volunteers.

You will fill out a short volunteer application, tour the facility and then we both decide if it is a good match. Happy volunteers are those that feel their talents are being utilized, appreciated and their non-profit is making a sizable difference in their community. We set a standard to perform all three.

If you are a provider interested in volunteering please see our PHYSICIAN DATASHEET. If you are a nurse interested in volunteering please see our Nurses Data Sheet1.

All others interested in general volunteer positions, please contact Kathy Rauch, Volunteer Coordinator, at [email protected] or 779.220.9318, Thank you!

Volunteer Samantha's Story

Samantha Szum is a recent NIU graduate with an Illustration Degree. She came to volunteer at the clinic after her mom, Julie a nurse at the clinic, referred her. During her job search, Samantha had some free time and it was perfect fit when she was asked to design a logo for our clinic values! “I asked for a description of the vision, then I let it seep in my head, kept it in my prayers and as soon as I started getting ideas, I grabbed the nearest paper and pen. I gave the Clinic a few design choices, then I finalized the sketches they chose and edited it to their hearts content! It feels great to leave my mark on a local nonprofit, and to help such a good cause is my pleasure!”

“I love the friendly and dedicated staff” -Sherry, Volunteer

“I enjoy the work and the people I work with” -Pat, Volunteer

“Interning at the Clinic has not only helped me professionally, but it has helped me understand what it takes to be a successful nonprofit organization. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given and the friendships I have made!” – Denise, Social Media & Marketing Intern

Meet Volunteer Maddie