Volunteer Sarah helps our patients understand and she brings them comfort :)

Sara helps patients every week.

Sara is celebrating one year volunteering at the clinic as an interpreter and she is a very important person in helping our patients.  Sara reads, writes and speaks Spanish fluently which gives her an intimate look into the needs of some of our patients.  She began assisting in our Social Determinants of Health program by calling patients two weeks post appointment to inquire if they needed any more help or information.  Following up on housing, legal, pharmacy assistance cards are just a sample of some of the resources Sara regularly gives to patients and she determines if those resources were helpful enough by asking patients.  “Every patient I have worked with has gone on to investigate the resources they were given.  The patients are very dedicated to following up on helpful suggestions and improving their lives which makes me happy.”  Sara also shares that all patients appreciate everything they have received from the clinic and its programs.  “I have such an enjoyable time meeting patients, surprising them with my Spanish skills, and using humor to help them feel more comfortable during their visits.  Seeing their strong appreciation of the care is amazing.”

“Seeing their (patients) strong appreciation of the care is amazing.”

Sara currently interprets for patients in exam rooms helping clinic providers communicate thoroughly.  She is also extremely helpful at our monthly Celebremos La Vida program explaining processes and procedures to the women who are there for Paps and mammograms.  “I regularly hear from patients that they would not know where to go if the clinic were not available to them and it is a reality check.  I have always had insurance and, in a way, took it for granted before I met people who had little to no coverage.  And, to learn firsthand that some people have been going without medical care because they cannot afford it has been an eye opener for me.  I believe we are on this Earth to give back and help others.  My neighbor, Julie Franz, who is a clinic nurse, suggested that I volunteer and I am honored to be at the clinic helping patients access care.”