The Clinic survives on you, our donors and volunteers

The Clinic survives on you, our donors and volunteers.

Samantha’s volunteer story….

Samantha Szum was introduced to volunteer opportunities through her mom, Julie, who is a great clinic nurse. Julie introduced her to our Volunteer Director Kathy Rauch and Executive Director Suzanne Hoban, and they quickly zoned in on what Samantha’s passions and interests were.  She is a new NIU school graduate from the School of Art with an Illustration degree.  While in her job search, she had some free time, and it was a perfect fit when she was asked to design a logo for our clinic values!  

Samantha had a fun time with the assignment. “I did the usual thumbnail-sketching thing. I asked for a description of the vision, then I let it seep in my head, kept it in my prayers, and as soon as I started getting ideas, I grabbed for the nearest paper and pen.   I gave the Clinic a few design choices, then I finalized the sketches they chose and they edited to their hearts content!  I didn’t want them to have to settle on something they didn’t love.  That’s my policy for everything I create, and because this is a particularly special cause, I insisted on keeping that standard.  It’s not often a person meets such wonderful people.”

“The design Samantha created was beyond what any of our staff could have anticipated! It is whimsical, fun, and inviting to see and behold.  Immediately, our values logo was being implemented everywhere around the Clinic, because it is a likeable design that is easy to take great pride in!”, said Manager of Development and Social Media Cathy Patenaude.

“It feels great to leave my mark on a local nonprofit.”

“It feels great to leave my mark on a local nonprofit, and to help such a good cause is my pleasure!”, said Samantha (pictured here).