Thank you September volunteer providers

We are blessed to have so many local providers share their time with our patients.  They are a very big part of the reason we are able to provide high quality medical care to those in our community who are uninsured and underinsured.  Thank you to this month’s volunteer providers.

Chrissy Hepperlen, APN, Jerry Sullivan, PT, Dr. Skopec, Dr. DeHaan, Dr. Lesser, Sarah Ferguson, APN/CDE, Dr. Bremer, Dr. Dohr, Dr. Gogineni, Dr. Mowery, Dr. Kakish, Laura Dagdick, APN

Dr. Hagenbruch, Dr. McDowell, Dr. Palliser, Dr. Browne, Melissa Sheffel, Staci LoBosco, Debbi Viger, Sue Bartlett