Why I Support the Clinic!

“I have chosen to be a supporter of the Clinic for several reasons.  The first is that they provide a needed service to a large number of McHenry County residents in need, and not only this, but they help educate their patients to live a healthier lifestyle.  I also am confident that the Clinic is a good steward of the money that they raise, which is important when considering a charitable cause.”  –Rick Schildgen


“Supporting the Clinic is a way to lift a person and in turn that person will have a positive impact on many others in due time.  The Clinic has a positive impact on humanity when compassion is much needed.  The volunteers and staff have an infectious enthusiasm and passion for the involvement in the community-it makes the choice to support the Clinic an easy one!”    –Amy Bingenheimer


“Access to quality health care is a fundamental right and the Clinic serves those for whom health care is otherwise not available.  It benefits us all to keep our neighbors, co-workers, and relatives healthy and productive.  The Clinic’s role is to provide care to those who, without assistance, could not afford such access.  And it does so with caring, compassionate and concerned volunteer physicians and nurses, in addition to an excellent staff who share the same goal. It is a privilege to be associated with these individuals.”    –Melissa Cooney