Sharing a donor statement….

“”My wife and I support the FHPC because it meets our criteria for charitable contributions. We have lived in several different areas of the country during our 46 year of marriage.  Wherever we have been we look for local organizations that are well managed, that make a serious effort to use our contributions to actually help people and not waste the resources on additional fund raising and on unneeded or extravagant expenses.

We want to support organizations that have a positive and lifesaving impact to the people they serve. We have worked in the pharmaceutical manufacturing business most of our adult lives.  We are proud of the positive impact the products we make have helped people that receive them.   The FHPC makes health care available to people that would not have access otherwise.  Helping the less fortunate in our area is both a duty and a joy.  Keep up the good work.”

In addition, the company I work for locally, Catalent Pharma Solutions in Woodstock, introduced us to FHPC by their support of the Gala. Our company believes in the mission of the FHPC and continues to promote your organization with our employees.”



Norman Weichbrodt

Sr. Technical Proposal Lead

Catalent Pharma Solutions, Woodstock