Shared testimonies on why the clinic is supported.

‘Because it provides an absolutely essential service to our community.  In the richest country in the world, no one should be excluded from healthcare services due to cost.  If the pandemic has taught us anything, the cost of illness is not only borne by individuals, but by all of us.  Healthy people, families, communities, workers, caregivers, students… in the end all of us benefit and that’s what FHPC is all about.  We are so fortunate to have the compassionate and caring staff and volunteers at the Clinic providing for those who could otherwise not afford these services themselves.  And Joe and I are thankful to live in a community that supports FHPC and are proud to do our part.’

—Joe & Rita Scifo, Woodstock

‘In my role I have had the opportunity to observe the clinic operations internally.  I have seen for many years that there is strong leadership, dedicated staff, and all parties working together effectively.  And my employer has been a long-standing supporter of the clinic mission because they too believe the clinic is an important contributor to the community.  These are the reasons I am so supportive too!

— Michelle Conti, Rockford

‘Allen and I are happy to support Family Health Partnership Clinic because you help increase access to crucial medical care to ALL in the community by reducing barriers such as cost, lack of insurance, distance, and language barriers.  A person’s health is their most important asset!’

—–Allen & Anne-Marie Brown, Woodstock