Patient Story – Wendy

Wendy had been a patient many years ago, and she remember being impressed by the quality of care and the dedicate nurses and doctors she met. When Wendy lost her current job where she had health insurance, she knew that the clinic was the place to call again.

Wendy was having significant health issues and her primary problem was difficulty breathing following a heart attack. “I needed follow up care after a hospitalization and I knew that I would require a lot of help”. She began to see our Nurse Practitioner who diagnosed her with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

The clinic helped her get her medications because they were so expensive – one medication cost approximately $300.00 per month, without assistance. “I could not afford that medication and all the others I needed. The staff always went out of their way to make sure that I had medication that I could afford.”

Wendy T. , Hebron, IL.

Wendy also saw Val, our mental health counselor at the time. “I was just overwhelmed with the state of my health and life, and I needed someone who could help me recover from my depressed state. Val was a big help in getting me to begin on a road to a brighter way of thinking and living.”

Fortunately, Wendy has returned to a part-time job. She is again participating in her daily activities at home and in her community. This has helped her both physically and emotionally, and she feels so much better now that she is able to contribute to her community again.