Patient, Kelly J., shares her story and her thanks

“I learned about the Clinic online after I was discontinued from the public aid insurance I was receiving from the state.  And, I was very relieved to learn that I could get care at a reasonable cost.”

“I have high blood pressure, and when I went to the Clinic, I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism, high cholesterol levels, and my kidneys are not functioning properly.  I assumed that I would have been hospitalized because my blood pressure had not been steady for some time.”

Kelly J. from Crystal Lake says she agreed to share her story in the hopes that others would understand the vital role the Clinic plays in our community.  She continued, “I was seen by Dr. Winkler and I believe the nurse I have was Alma, who recently retired.  I was seen in the middle of May and I really appreciate that I was not charged because I am struggling to keep a roof over my head and, since I now have to pay out of pocket for my medicine, it’s been bigger struggle.

“The clinic is currently my only way to get my medical care…..”

“You always provide me with free samples of my medicine if it is available.  And your entire staff is not judging me, very respectful, and courteous.  The clinic is currently my only way to get my medical care and prescriptions because I don’t have any coverage.  I’m homeless and living in a hotel room in Crystal Lake.  I have a job and I hope I can continue to work and be a productive citizen in spite of the recent events I have had to endure.”

“Thanks again for all you do in the community!”

——Kelly J., Crystal Lake