Patient dental care is a success because of you.

Patients are provided flexibility and top notch dental care because you, our friends and donors, support all that we do here at the Clinic.  Patients like Mary and Abelina benefit greatly;


Mary is very grateful for the dental clinic because she hadn’t seen a dentist in many years.  Like many in the community, she could not afford to.  She had been having pain on and off, but the pain became constant a few months ago.  The pain became unbearable and she was desperate to see a dentist.  At her appointment, the dentist recommended several teeth extractions.  At first, Mary did not want to have the procedure because she was afraid the cost would be very high.  Clinic staff counseled her on the cost, and assured her she would not be turned away for inability to pay.  She had the extractions and is pleased with the cost and the dental work.  Mary is not pain free and able to lead a normal life.

Abelina came in with very bad tooth pain and at her exam she mentioned she had had the pain for a long time.  She couldn’t see a dentist because she could not afford it.  Abelina had only one tooth left, and it was the only thing her dentures were holding on to.  Because her remaining tooth was very loose and causing her a lot of discomfort, the dentist recommended extracting it.  He was able to get the missing tooth added to her dentures.  Abelina is very grateful to be able to afford the dental work, and she knows without the clinic she would still be in a lot of pain.