Meet our patient, Ryan.

Ryan thanks you

Ryan lives in Harvard with his wife and two dogs, he is a professional photographer and he travels often for his work.  He is a busy professional who could not afford to have diabetes slow him down.

Ryan and his wife both have pre-existing conditions and found they were unable to afford the insurance plans that were available.  In 2013, they were seeing a private provider who recommended that they both consider coming to Family Health Partnership Clinic.  “I began by seeing your Nurse Practitioner, Kathy Welch, who gave me fantastic care.  Really, I have received the best care by all the NPs as well, and I now see Martha.  I receive better care at the clinic that from most of the doctors I have seen in my life.”  Ryan shared.  “I enjoyed seeing Martha and working with her ongoing students.  I am sad to see her leave.”

  Ryan, Harvard, IL.

When Ryan came to the clinic, is A1C level was at 10.  He and the nurses have worked together closely and meticulously to get him to manage his A1Cs better.  He has learned about how to live a better and healthier lifestyle, and says that the encouragement  he has gotten has been very beneficial.  His A1C stands at 6.7 now, and he does not take insulin any longer.  Rather, he manages his diabetes with Metformin and through specific dietary means.

“I have received good care over the years, and I have confidence that I can go to the clinic and not have to worry about the cost.  The charges my wife and I pay at the Clinic are reasonable and we are able to budget them well.  This gives us peace of mind.”  Ryan received medication from the clinic pharmacy, and for those that aren’t available he fills prescriptions at Walmart.  All have been affordable, Ryan says.

“I have met super helpful people at the Clinic who have been very supportive of me, and I am very thankful for that.  Both my wife and I are grateful that the clinic is available to us.”