Maria’s story of gratitude for YOU and the clinic.

Maria started coming to the clinic when it was located in Woodstock where she lives.  ‘I remember my Aunt telling me about this wonderful clinic where I could receive great care and be charged a small fee.’ At the time, Maria was a homemaker, ‘and I was taking care of my son Danny full-time because he required 24-hour care.  I had flu symptoms and I was quite sick.  I remember my first visit was with a nurse named Alma and she as so comforting and caring.  I felt instantly confident in her and I knew that I was in such a good place.’ 

For several years Maria came to the clinic and almost every time her nurse was Alma.  ‘Alma was always there to help me, especially through some difficult times with my special needs son, she instilled confidence in me when I was pretty down and I could talk to her when I needed to.’ 

In December in 2014, Maria became quite ill and did not know what was wrong.  She made an appointment with our NP Martha Siomos and through a physical and tests it was discovered that Maria had thyroid cancer and she would need surgery to have it removed.  At this same time, her son was in a hospital in Rockford and she was unable to see him because she had to go to Loyola in Chicago for her surgery.  “I was very very upset to be away from my son and I worried so much about him because I could not be there for him.  It was a bad time in my life and Martha was my rock through it all. She was understanding and loving.’

When Maria contacted Loyola pre-surgery she was told that her application was denied and ‘thankfully a kind staff member at the clinic called Loyola and corrected what was wrong and I was able to get the surgery and it was completed covered.’  Sadly, shortly after her surgery her son Danny passed away.  “I was fortunate to have the clinic because it felt like home, everyone there cared so much about me through my grief.  I did not have to worry about my health needs or how I was going to afford it and it was a blessing to not have to worry about other things like that at a time when I was so down.’

‘I want to say thank to all the donors who support the clinic so that I and others have the clinic to go to when we are sick and need care.  The clinic staff saved my life because without them I would have had no one to go to.  Thank God for all of you at the clinic and the care I received at no charge.  I have always been treated with care, love and empathy.  I owe my life to all of you.’

                                                            — Maria R., Woodstock