Local Quilters Forum supports breast cancer survivors

This group of special ladies are remarkable.

They are the Woodstock Public Library Quilters Forum that have been meeting since September 2008. And, a Mother of one of the clinic volunteers (Peggy Barry Grasley), was a member. Peggy asked the ladies if they would consider making a quilt that could be raffled off at the Care4 Breast Cancer 5K Run/Walk 2018 at the Survivor’s Table. They instantly stepped up, and actually made enough blocks to complete 3 quilts that first year! The group has at least 2 survivors plus several women know of someone lost to #breastcancer.

Their goal is to support survivors and let them know that others care. This year’s quilt is all houses, and the title of the pattern is “Village”. Their motto is that it takes a village to make things happen. And, their “quilt village” is here for them.