Karina’s life is better thanks to you.

Karina lives in Island Lake with her family and needed to see a doctor but she knew she could not afford to see a physician. She asked several people about where she could get help and one of her friends told her about the clinic and her positive experience. In August of 2016, Karina had her first appointment for an evaluation of a neurological issue that had worsened. Due to a degenerative illness, Karina anticipated her condition would worsen and the difficulty of not finding care that was affordable weighed heavily on her and her family. They feared she may have to forego treatment. The clinic physician and nurses created a treatment plan and ongoing assistance which Karina states has given her peace of mind.

Karina has kept regular appointments over the past 2 1/2 years and receives physical therapy at a referral source the clinic introduced her to. At a recent appointment, Karina shared that she was having stomach pain. A H Pylori Breath Test and an abdominal CT scan were ordered and she was relieved to learn both were normal. Karina was started on a medication to help with the discomfort. “I was relieved to have had my stomach checked out and to learn that everything was alright. Since starting on the medicine, my stomach feels much better.” she said.

“I want to say thank you very much to everyone for the help you give people like me. For me, it has been a complicated and sad experience to be uninsured. And, with my degenerative illness, it is even more complicated when it comes to paying for a physician, medication, and physical therapy. Thanks for your assistance in take care of me. Before I learned about the clinic, I had no idea where I was going to.”