It is what we do together that improves lives.

For Victoria and Jose, life is all smiles thanks to you.


The factory where we had worked closed down, and we were out of jobs at the same time, remembers Jose Perez. “Instantly, my wife and lost insurance and we were very worried”, he shared. Jose’ wife, Victoria Paga, learned from a friend that the Clinic charged on a sliding scale based on income and that they don’t turn people away if they cannot afford their fee.  “I was so relieved to know a Clinic like this was open when my husband and I needed it, and I can’t imagine what we would have done without it.”

Unfortunately, they both remain uninsured because Victoria is self-employed as a house cleaner, and Jose is working part time. Over the years, she has been seen at the clinic for several chronic conditions.  The high quality care given by Clinic staff has helped them both remain healthy and employed.  When the new dental clinic opened, they were offered services by our staff, and were the very first dental patients.

“and I couldn’t afford the care”.

Victoria had not visited a dentist in a very long time and, was in desperate need of a cleaning, and an evaluation for sensitive teeth. “Dental care is very expensive, and I couldn’t afford the care.  I went to someone and they were charging a lot of money.  But at the clinic it was very affordable, and the dentist is really good.”  Jose, too, benefits from the care of volunteer dentist, Dr. Hagenbruch.  “I was walking around toothless, because I couldn’t afford a partial.  The way my smile looked was terrible.  I stopped smiling, and felt down on myself.  I became depressed, and it affected my whole life in a negative way.”  However, in just a few shorts weeks, Jose was smiling again because Dr. Hagenbruch made him a new tooth.  “Dr. Hagenbruch is a very good dentist who made me smile again!”

In the interview, as they reflected on how they feel. “Everyone is friendly, and they all have helped me so much with my medical needs, and now with my dental needs. I want to thank the Founder of the Clinic, Suzanne Hoban, for opening the Clinic for the uninsured.  You guys have been a great help.”   Jose added, “You all are truly the best of the best!  You made me feel like family.  Thank you to everyone who supports the clinic and for all you do.  May God bless you all so that you may continue to do more for others like us.    Victoria added, “I hope there are a lot more people like you that help others, and I thank you for your kindness.”