YOU have improved Susan’s life

Susan, from Cary, came to the Clinic in 2014 after she lost her job and her health insurance.  Her physician at the time, was a volunteer at the Clinic, and she told Susan to make an appointment.

Susan needed her chronic disease monitored, and her medications refilled.  Her need for insulin was her biggest concern.

She was seen by Martha, the Clinic’s FNP, who was able to sign her onto the Clinic’s medication assistance program.  She was accepted and began to receive her medications, including insulin, which is vital to her health.

In 2015, Susan came in with chest pain.  She had open heart surgery in 2008.  After a thorough exam, our staff referred her for a heart scan.  She was worried she would not be able to afford the test.  But to her surprise, the medical system that provided the scan worked with her financially, and she received her scan at no cost.

She says. “I don’t know where to start to thank everyone at the Clinic.  You all are a life-saver.  Everyone was absolutely wonderful and I was taken aback by how much assistance I received.  The only thing I feel sad about is having to say goodbye.”

Recently, Susan was approved for disability and will receive health insurance coverage going forward.