#ILFreeClinicsMonth, a patient story to share.

To recognize Free and Charitable Clinics Month, we are sharing with you the impact the Clinic has had on our patients in need.

Your support helped Mary when she needed it most

Mary came to Family Health Partnership Clinic when she lost her insurance and couldn’t afford to pay for it. She made her first clinic appointment because she was concerned about a newly developed lump on finger. “The service was top notch. I was never made to feel inferior.” Mary shared. After examination, the clinic staff decided that Mary needed to be referred to a specialist. “The clinic sent me to numerous doctors and no one knew what it was. Finally, I was sent to Dr. Lambruschi and he said he didn’t know what it was either, but that (obviously) it didn’t belong there.”
Dr. Lambruschi scheduled surgery to remove the lump and then he sent the mass for testing by two different pathologists. Because the results were of undetermined origin, the mass then was sent to Mayo Clinic. Through testing there they discovered it to be a cancerous growth.

“I had to have radiation treatments for 12 weeks. The clinic is a God sent. No words can ever explain how grateful I am for the clinic. I can never thank them enough for how hard that they worked to find me help. And, Dr. Lamruschi will always by my saving angel, because I can never thank him enough for finding the cancer and saving me. I think of him and pray for him each day. May your wonderful clinic work will always continue.”

—Mary G., formerly of Johnsburg