YOU have helped Vickie afford her medications.

“Thank you for helping me get my medications, otherwise I would not be able to afford them”, Vickie O. of Woodstock tells Annabelle every time she picks up her medication.  Annabelle, our Medication Assistance Coordinator, has been working with Vickie this past year.  She has processed two applications for Vickie through pharmaceutical companies, Nova Nordisk and Sanofi, and has successfully obtained the five medications that Vickie needs.  The value of the medications is approximately $2,000 every three months.  Vickie would have to pay for these if it were not for the Clinic’s pharmaceutical program and Annabelle’s assistance.  Prior to the Clinic, Vickie was on Medicaid, but it was only for a temporary basis.  At the time she found the Clinic, Vickie was about to lose her Medicaid and she would have stopped taking her medicine because she wouldn’t be able to afford it.  Of course that would have been devastating as her medications are vital for her life and health.

Annabelle’s job is to assist people through the long process of pharmaceutical company applications.  Without the support of people like YOU, Annabelle’s position would not exist and our Clinic patients like Vickie would not be able to access affordable medications.  Working together, everyone benefits.  Thank YOU for caring for Vickie!