YOU helped Jack, here is his story.

YOU have helped so many people, here is Jack’s Story…..

Jack is an entrepreneur here in McHenry County and his wife works for a very small company. Between the two of them they do have health insurance but their deductible is $7,000 for each of them before their insurance begins to pay. They are classically what we refer to as underinsured.
Jack presented with a sinus infection that had advanced into his nasal passages, his eyes and his throat. He had been unable to sleep for many nights do to these symptoms and was so sick he was not able to work.
“I was so desperate when I came to the Clinic. I was ready to hit rock bottom with how miserable I felt and the lack of sleep”. Jack went on to say, “The entire staff from the front office to the nurses in the back took great care of me. I walked out of the Clinic with a diagnosis, medication, sleep study order, a follow up appointment and I only paid a small fee to be seen”. “The Clinic is a blessing for us in McHenry County and I am so thankful it is here and hope more people hear about it.” “Thank you everyone at Family Health Partnership Clinic!” —-Jack B., Marengo