YOU have helped care for someone today….

YOU helped take care of Juana, thank YOU!
Juana has been in the Clinic’s Celebremos program since October of 2012. She was seen in February of 2014 and in March was diagnosed with right breast cancer. From her results, a right breast mastectomy was recommended. She had the choice of a breast reconstruction which Juana decided to go ahead with. Dr. Schwaab, FHPC referral provider, recommended plastic surgeon Dr. Bushnick. Unfortunately for Juana, her body rejected the expander and she had infections over and over and she eventually had to see an infectious disease specialist. Because of the reoccurring infections, it was recommended that Juana’s expander be removed. However, before surgery could be scheduled, the expander erupted through her skin and she had to go to the emergency room. She had surgery to clean out the area and to close her wound. She now feels great and thankful for all the care she received through the clinic. She is grateful for Dr. Schwaab and Dr. Bushnick’s expertise. Juana was charged a very fair fee for the surgery and follow up care. She keeps up with her three month checkups and is relieved that she can continue to work and live her life.