Giving Tuesday – please buy an inhaler for someone who can’t

Imagine for a moment that you are short of breath.  You feel your throat constricting, and a dull pain in your lungs as you struggle to inhale – and exhale.  You are anxious and worried about how long this episode will last, and if it will get worse. You know you need an inhaler, but the last one ran out and you don’t have money to buy another.

This is the reality for uninsured patients when they have no place to turn for medical care.  Fortunately, Family Health Partnership Clinic can help.  Our volunteer physicians and nurse practitioners care for our patients, and no one is turned away for inability to pay. Patients in need of inhalers can get them because the clinic is supported by donors like you!  Become part of saving a life.
Please donate $28.46 for one inhaler today, and help someone breathe easier!
Thank you!