Thank you Give Back Box purchasers

This letter is sent from Anderson’s Candy Shop and references their Give Back Box candy chocolate fundraiser for the clinic:

Hi Ladies, 
Well we continued sales through the end of January this year, and we sold a total of 822 boxes!

We consider this a success in a few ways, we increased our individual box sales (previous year’s number was 750). And that is with a box that had a small price increase over last year.

Further, that means we will be able to deliver to you a donation check in the amount of $3,288 whenever you’d like. Maybe it will give us a chance to see your new digs 🙂
We also felt this year was a great success because we were told by two different families in our community that they found out about the FHPC through the Give Back Boxes and those families were able to receive health care that enabled them to get back into the work force because of what the clinic could offer them. Mission accomplished we think 🙂
Thanks so much for partnering with us on this project again! 

Stay warm!