Donors, thank you!!!

When we gathered together at our gala on April 12th, we had a lofty goal of raising $100,000.00 for our patient care. We asked you to gift to our patients the medical care that they need to improve their health. Optimal health allows our uninsured patients to move along in reaching their full potential at home, work, and in their communities. When they contribute to the best of their ability, we all benefit.

You amazed us with your generous response at our 2019 gala fundraiser. Donation are still coming in, but thanks to you, we have reached our goal of raising $100,000.00 at our gala! And, remember, for every $1 we are able to turn that into $3 worth of medical care. That is an incredible number of people who will receive high quality medical care that they otherwise would have gone without.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your compassion, care, and commitment to our patients and the mission of the clinic!