Dispensary of Hope collaborates with FHPC!

To help meet the growing need for access to medications, the Family Health Partnership Clinic has begun working with a national organization to ensure that patients are not having to choose between medicine and buying food.

Dispensary of Hope is a national non profit organization and licensed pharmacy that provides a vast array of medicine, primarily for chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension and asthma.  Through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and large physician practices, Dispensary of Hope is able to provide significant quantities of many medications to qualified clinics for an annual subscription fee.

“This does not cover all medications,” says Omar Hernandez, pharmacist at FHPC.  “One of our biggest needs is insulin which is not available through the program.”  Many other medications are available., though, and in the last three months alone, the Clinic has dispensed over $25,000 worth of medication through this innovative program.

“This is a significant benefit to our patients.” said Suzanne Hoban, Executive Director of the Clinic.  “If you can’t get the medication you need, you have no hope of getting healthy.”  The Clinic piloted this program with a grant from the Community Development Block Grant (administered through McHenry County) as well as some private foundations.