Dear FHPC Family,

Dear FHPC Family,

You’ve been incredible during this time.

Today, I am sending a huge thank you for your commitment to our patients and their care. Your generosity in the past several months has helped us meet the challenges we faced because of COVID-19.
With your support, we have been able to accomplish so much for our patients.

Telemedicine. Donors like you helped us establish a telemedicine program for our patients and providers. This keeps more patients out of the clinic setting while the risk of COVID-19 transmission remains and it better serves patients who have transportation issues.

PPEs. Our staff and patients have been protected because donors like you supported our COVID-19 appeal in late March. Personal protective equipment inventory at the clinic was just enough to meet our normal patient needs. But we weren’t prepared for the huge increase in PPE demand. You’ve helped keep us safe.

Vital medication. Your generosity supplied many patients with maintenance inhalers and thermometers when you responded to our Giving Tuesday Now campaign last month. Our patients have peace of mind knowing they were going to be able to address their shortness of breath and make sure they and their families do not have a temperature.

Thank you for all of you and your support. Together, we are stronger.

Together we will see our way through this crisis and to better days for our public health.

Together we will make sure that people who have lost their jobs will have access to care at the clinic.

Together, we will help our community be healthier.

With wishes for your continued health, and gratitude for your kind heart,
Suzanne HobanExecutive Director