A Peek into our Programs

Celebremos La Vida! (Let’s Celebrate Life! Our Program Manager Maricella manages our Celebremos La Vida (Let’s Celebrate Life!) Day once a month at Northwestern Medicine in Woodstock. Maricella coordinates 25 screening appointments and our staff partners with NM staff for the day. Celebremos La Vida is a program for Latina women 40 years old and older who have no access …

We got together to mark 2 years!!!!

🎉 2 years 🎉 to date from when Covid-19 started, 2 years behind the announcement the world was closed, 2 years when we turned remote, 2 years when telehealth arrived, 2 years when ‘pivoted’ was the new lingo….2 years! 💙 Today we celebrate what we as a team, and as a family, got through. 💙 #stafflunch #lunchtogether ,#together

Our care surpasses NATIONAL benchmarks!

On a regular basis, we look at our outcome data on several key metrics and compare it to national benchmarks. We get these benchmarks through the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) that gathers this data through millions of health insurance claims each year. Two of the metrics we look at are hypertension and diabetes. We measure how many of …

Clinic is accepting unused medication and supplies. Read more here.

There is an important link below with information about donating medication and supplies to the clinic. Do you have medication or supplies you’d like to donate? Make sure you read the list of what we can and cannot accept AND please fill out this form. Bring this form with you when you donate the medications! Please read. List & Form Thank you.

We get our partner agencies boosted!

Partnership is in our name. We love our partners. We were at Pioneer Center today (2/23/2022) giving Covid booster shots to some of their staff and clients. We also have been to several other agencies throughout the pandemic offering Covid vaccine support!

Nestor’s life now includes the clinic family.

In 2016, Nestor’s life changed completely in a car accident that left him paralyzed.  He lost his mobility, his independence, and his job.  “The doctor told me that I was paralyzed from the neck down and that I was not going to move ever again.  It was very hard to understand.”  “…I had my first feeling of hope since my …