Alejandra thanks you!

Alejandra is thankful that the clinic is here for her and her family who live in Crystal Lake, IL

How did you hear about the clinic?

I first learned about the clinic through a cousin who was already helping out. Afterwards she gave me a number to call so that I could get involved.

Becoming uninsured can happen to anyone, right?

Yes, and for me it is because of the Covid pandemic, it has been difficult to raise enough money to buy affordable health care

Why did you come to the clinic?

I came to the clinic because I have high blood pressure as well as hypothyroidism.

How was your experience with the staff?

I had a very great experience at the clinic. Everyone there was so kind and patient with me, making me feel safe and secure at all times there.

Where would you have gone if the clinic was not available?

Unfortunately I don’t think there would have been anywhere I could’ve gone inside of crystal lake had this clinic not existed, I probably would’ve had to travel farther to find something to suit my needs