“Our” Dr. Lesser is generous beyond measure :)

The amazing group at Family Medicine for McHenry County raised $600 for the clinic and our patients!!!!! They held their first “Annual Spirit Week” in October with each day of the week having a theme like “dress like Dr. Lesser Day’! The staff and patients donated to the ‘penny jar’ to vote each day. We are humbled by the generosity …

Our December Dynamite Volunteers Providers are…….

To provide high quality healthcare we must have local physicians, dentists, nurses and dental assistants volunteer their time and talent. We thank the following who will be here this month and we thank them with LOTS OF PRAISE! Jerry Sullivan, Dr Tucker, Dr. Lesser, Dr. Kakish, Dr. Riggs, Dr. DeHaan, Dr. Gogineni, Dr. Skopec, Dr. Hagenbruch and Staci Lobosco

Advocate Aurora Good Shepherd Hospital CARES!

We thank Advocate Aurora’s Good Shepherd Hospital for their generous grant for glucometers and glucose strips for testing blood sugar levels. Our patients with diabetes are fortunate to have GSH caring for them alongside of us!