Over 1700 Covid-19 vaccines administered!

As of June 23, 2021, we have administered 1,711 Covid-19 vaccines to our patients and members of the community. We were able to do this by partnering with the McHenry County Health Department and Osco Pharmacy. Covid-19 vaccines continue as we work with community organizations and businesses to provide on-site vaccine clinics.

Our utmost gratitude !

On June 16, 2021, we placed a Facebook post asking for donations to our food pantry because our shelves had gone bare. The McHenry County community responded in a tremendous way and we had food dropped off that same afternoon. We continue to receive many donations from groups, citizens and small businesses from the area. We especially thank Paul Leech …

Meet our Intern Kirsten :)

We are very fortunate to have Central Michigan University student Kirsten Morey with us this summer as a Leadership Greater McHenry County intern! We asked Kirsten to explain what her role is at FHPC. ‘Leadership Greater McHenry County‚Äôs Nonprofit internship program works to grow leaders in our community. This internship provides tons of leadership experience and professional development over the …

Care4 Breast Cancer 5k IS BACK! And, even better.

It really is never too early to mark your calendar for……Care4 Breast Cancer 5k – 2021!!!!!! This year there will be 2 options to choose from! In person on Sunday, October 17th at Woodstock North High School or virtually by choosing your own course (much like last year). More information and details to come!!!!!

Quick read – June Newsletter

Our quick read newsletter is ready for you. Bring yourself up to speed on the mission and work that you are supporting. Thank you. Click here.

Thanks to our June volunteer providers!!!!

In June our patients are blessed to have these wonderful providers caring for them! JERRY SULLIVAN, DR. SKOPEC, DR. TUCKER, DR. LESSER, DR. GOGINENI, DR. KAKISH, and DR. RIGGS DR. HAGENBRUCH, DR. KAISER, SUE BARTLETT, STACI LOBOSCO, BETH MINUTILLO