We close out 2019 with these awesome volunteer providers!

😍We close out the year with these awesome volunteer providers for the month of December! Thank you to all of them!😍 😍Dr. Kakish, Jerry Sullivan, Dr. Thorud, Sarah Freguson, Denise Smith, Dr. Skopec, Dr. Skopec, Dr. Mowery, Dr. Lesser, Dr. DeHaan, Dr. Riggs, Dr. Bremer, Dr. Gogineni. Dr. Hagenbruch, Dr. Kaiser, Sue Bartlett and Lisa Herndon😍

208 inhalers for our patients! Giving Tuesday results.

62 friends of the clinic gave to our Giving Tuesday campaign and have made it possible for the clinic to purchase 208 inhalers for our patients. That is 208 times that someone, who cannot afford an inhaler, will be able to turn to us for vital medicine and incredible peace of mind. Thank you for your generosity and your compassion!