February volunteer providers have big hearts!

Our volunteer providers have big hearts for our patients and we thank them for caring in February! Thank you: Sarah Ferguson, Dr. DeHaan, Jerry Sullivan, Dr. Thourd, Dr. Riggs, Dr. Lesser, Dr. Mowery, Dr. Gogineni, Chrissy Hepperlen, Dr. Bremer, Dr. Kakish, Dr. Hagenbruch, Dr. Palliser, Dr. Kaiser, Dr. McDowell, Dr. Szurek, Dr. Bruggeman, Lisa Herndon, Debbi Viger, Sue Bartlett, and …

MHRL grants $15,000 to the clinic

January 28, 2019 – The members of the Mental Health Resource League presented a $15,000 grant to our mission. This helps to fund our mental health therapy program that is provided to our patients. We are grateful that the MHRL supports the emotional needs of people in our communities, and we thank them for caring for our patients!

CVS Health announces $100 million community commitment

The clinic is fortunate to have the support of CVS Health grants that directly make access to healthcare available for our patients. CVS Health released this press release on January 14, 2019 and we share their incredible impact with you. CVS Health Press Release

PEOPLE IN NEED Directory is here – latest version

This comprehensive directory has the social service organizations that are available in McHenry County. This directory is updated every year and presented in coordination with the annual People In Need Forum, which is January 26, 2019, at McHenry County College. For more information on the 1/2 day forum visit http://www.mchenry.edu/peopleinneed/PINDirectory.pdf People in Need Directory, English People In Need Directory, Spanish

January provider volunteers launch us into 2019!

We are regularly blessed to have volunteers sign up to provide care for our patients!  We have a dedicated group and we are so thankful for them.  These providers will volunteer in January and launch us into the new year!  Thank you to: Dr. DeHaan, Dr. Skopec, Chrissy Hepperlen, Dr. Lesser, Denise Smith, Jerry Sullivan, Sarah Ferguson, Dr. Thorud, Dr. …