“This is a great cause, my Mom says very good things about your organization, and my Aunt Judy battled breast cancer for years before passing away from it.

As for the course, the timing of this event works out well as I am going to be helping a friend run her first 100 miler the weekend of October 17. She had signed up for a race that was to be on September 5th, but was canceled due to the pandemic. She decided to run her own 100 miler instead. I will be running with her for approximately 25-30 miles overnight to ensure she is hydrated, eating enough, and staying awake! The course is a 25-mile trail loop at Clinton Lake in Lawrence, Kansas. I have run several races there, including a 50k, 50 miler, and 100 miler.”

——- Peter B., Richmond, IL


Why do I Care4? 

When October rolls around many people are reminded it is Breast Cancer Awareness month and that they should get checked.  However, for some people, like myself, we are reminded daily that this is a lifelong journey.  I have battled and beat breast cancer twice, both in 2006 and again in 2013. 
This is my 7th year participating in this outstanding event. As a survivor I feel strongly about giving back through an organization who assists people in navigating this horrible disease. For the last several years we have joined together to EARN OUR STRIPES (Pink Zebras) through our fundraising efforts. Fundraising is the most important part of this event for me because without it the clinic could not continue their work. 
2020 I am dedicating my fundraising efforts to the memory of my Dad, Bruce Bradley who supported this program every year and stood by me every step of both of my cancer journeys. He unexpectedly passed away in April and will be greatly missed by our entire team. 
I am also taking the opportunity to host our teams 5k out of McHenry to show people our beautiful Riverwalk.  As I made signs this weekend I thought of my Dad and how he would have been helping me build the signs and map out a course and am thankful he passed down those skills to me.

—- Pam S., McHenry, IL

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