The Clinic relies on volunteers and community support to serve those without insurance. To learn more about volunteering opportunities contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Kathy Rauch at 779.220.9318 or email to: krauch@hpclinic.org.

A healthy and happy volunteer experience at FHPC means creating a perfect match, both for the clinic and you. To achieve this, we meet with you individually, to explain the mission of our Clinic and to discover your interests and talents. We then match what we learn about you with our needs. That same visit, we introduce you to the staff and other volunteers and answer any of your questions.

You will fill out a short volunteer application form, tour the facility and we both then decide if it is a good match. Happy volunteers are those that feel their talents are being utilized, appreciated and their non-profit is making a sizable difference in their community. We set a standard to perform all three.

If you are provider interested in volunteering please see our PHYSICIAN DATASHEET. If you are a nurse interested in volunteering please see our Nurses Data Sheet1. Please contact Kathy Rauch, Volunteer Coordinator, at krauch@hpclinic.org  or 779.220.9318, Thank you!

“I volunteer here because I have been in the same position as the patients.  I got very lucky that I didn’t need the resources and I want to give to others who do need the resources of the Clinic.”  – Teagan, volunteer from Lakemoor, IL