The next several months bring us inside more because of changing weather. Inside together is the perfect way to increase your chances of getting the flu and COVID.

We urge that you be vigilant and remember to: Wash your hands often, wear your mask, and stay at least 6 feet apart from others. And, consider getting the flu vaccine.

Please make your mental health, and those of your family and friends, a top priority during this time. The shortened daylight, less time outdoors and possibly more restrictions about where you can go can lead to more instances of depression and anxiety.

Remember: It is very important that you use credible resources when you look for information on the COVID-19 and help for your mental well-being.

We share these links with confidence.

McHenry County Department of Health


McHenry County Mental Health Board –

Dial 2-1-1


Center for Disease and Prevention

How to make masks; info from the CDC

In Spanish